Loreen May

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There are two things I should probably tell you. First, I love a good story. Second, I hate writing bio’s about myself. One more thing--I love a good cup of tea!

Ask me where I’m from and you will get a rather complicated answer. My dad is Swiss, my mom is American, I was born in Iran, where they were missionaries at the time. We lived there until I was seven. Two weeks before the Iran/Iraq war started we moved to Germany where I spent the rest of my growing up years. Then I moved to Canada. Where am I from? You decide.

Growing up in a missionary home, I received Christ at an early age and tried to be a good girl. Messages of law and grace were confusing to me, and I internalized a picture of an angry God and feelings of condemnation, never quite measuring up no matter how hard I tried.

After graduating from high school, I left my family in Germany and came to a small Bible college on the big Canadian prairies, and graduated two years later with a diploma in religious studies. The next few years were busy years: marriage, babies, being a pastor’s wife. And always trying to be good. Thirteen years later I came to the end of my rope and gave up. I would never be good enough. Through the subsequent years, which included divorce and remarriage, God’s grace met and overwhelmed me.

Today I live with my sweet man, still in a small town in the middle of the Canadian prairies. I am privileged to be raising my three boys, each at very different stages in life, one on the brink of leaving the teen years behind. I take pictures, write, read and dabble in a little art. I am seeking to learn the “unforced rhythms of grace” and live “freely and lightly” by keeping company with Jesus. (Matt 11:28-30 MSG)

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