The Rest of the Reformation

The Rest of the Reformation

God is bringing us back to a true understanding of the gospel

Author: Andrew Nelson/Tuesday, December 10, 2013/Categories: Andrew Nelson, Top Picks

Date: October 31, 1517
Place: Wittenberg
Person: Martin Luther

Students of church history know this day all-to-well; the day when Martin Luther began the firestorm that became the protestant reformation. What did he do to spark such an explosive reform? He nailed a piece of paper containing 95 rebukes of the Catholic church to the north door of the castle church in Wittenberg.

Luther was the answer to a great desire that had been brewing for years within the people. The public wanted a change. They wanted to be able to read the Bible on their own. They were sick of the practices of the Catholic church as well as the doctrines that it had adopted. Luther’s work not only paved the way for each person to revere and read the word of God as the ultimate authority even above the Catholic church, but also sparked a welcome return to understanding the meaning of grace.

Luther was adamant that people understand that salvation was by grace through faith and not the selling of indulgences or any other work. Such a claim was both staggering and freeing for Christians. To understand that the Bible taught salvation through faith in Jesus, not blind obedience to an overarching body of leadership, was extremely radical and necessary for a return to Jesus‘ gospel.

As important as the reformation was I believe that it did not bring us all the way back a true understanding of the gospel. Because Luther and his contemporaries had come from the Catholic church, they understandably had quite a bit of their own religious baggage to shed. Some of it did not go away and thus continued through the ages to our present day.

I believe that what the church is experiencing today is the rest of the reformation. I think God is moving in a mighty way through His Spirit and word to bring people to an even deeper rest and better understanding of the gospel. It is an exciting time to be a Christian. We are seeing our own rebirth in an accurate understanding of grace. We are further applying the Biblical principle of salvation by grace through faith to every area of our lives.

The amazing thing is that we are not encountering new truths. We are simply applying very old ones. Deep down, we Christians know that we are saved by grace through faith. But we often become confused in applying this to our lives in areas such as confession for forgiveness (based on an inaccurate understanding of 1 John 1:9) and Christian living in which we have largely adopted a law based mentality instead of a Spirit dependent mentality.

God’s reformation is certainly continuing in a mighty way. I am excited about what God is doing not only for His children, but for the entire world. It is truly an exciting time to be a Christian!

Andrew Nelson
Author of Fight for Grace

Copyright, 2013 Andrew Nelson


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Andrew Nelson
Andrew Nelson

Andrew Nelson

Andrew Nelson is a national speaker and the author of "Fight for Grace."

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