Life is to Be Lived

Life is to Be Lived

Believe It

Author: Wynema Clark/Sunday, March 5, 2017/Categories: Wynema Clark

Life is to be lived. Some of the most miserable people that I've ever met have been Christians. Yet we are a people who have been given total freedom. 

We are free to live, but we walk on this planet questioning ourselves, so busy trying to be good that we don't know what living really looks like. 

We analyze ourselves for motives, we avoid music, art, movies, books, we even avoid our neighbors and education. Why? Because of a fear that we might fall into temptation, or believe lies, or maybe we will be deceived. Mostly we are afraid of disappointing a God that liked us long before we liked Him. We seem to be a fragile people. But we aren't at all fragile! 

Love is the divine motive of God that saved you. Love is what sent Jesus in the flesh to take upon himself our nature, our sin, our separation. Love went to the deepest regions of the earth. Love dove head-first into our life and our death, including our temptations and took it straight to hell. He left it there. He did His job, He completed it. When He was raised, it was because you were justified totally and completely. He left nothing undone. 

He isn't waiting on you to prove yourself, He came to you. Did you read that right? He came to you! He saved you. You don't have to worry that the salvation He brought is so fragile that something you can do will return it void or insufficient. After all He is God!

How do you walk in this truth? You walk. How do you walk in the spirit? You walk. If He takes care of the birds of the air and the flowers of the field, He's got you! You simply believe it! 

Believe it when you are full and when you are hungry. Believe it when you are happy and when you are sad. Believe it in your kids, believe it in your spouse, believe it in your neighbors. Believe it and live!

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Wynema I Clark 

Founder and Director - New Covenant For Housewives


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Wynema Clark
Wynema Clark

Wynema Clark

As a speaker, poet and writer I want the world to know that through the gospel of the new covenant and the grace provided in the finished work of Jesus Christ we are forever loved. In the middle of our everyday lives we can function from a position of rest in Him. God finds you highly compatible!

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