Escaping the Captive Maker

Escaping the Captive Maker

How to Thrive in the Arguments of this World

In case you haven’t noticed, people are being driven apart by savage arguments.  While my post doesn’t solve the argument, it unmasks the author and gives you something to do about it—something you need.  Something you’ll like.

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Beauty & The Beast (Witness Versus Opinion)

Beauty & The Beast (Witness Versus Opinion)

How God Works To Give You Beauty In An Otherwise Beastly World

There’s a reason why many people are not enjoying God, let alone talking about Him:  we’ve tangled them up, leading them to believe they have to have lots of knowledge, education and ability in order to qualify.  That’s rubbish, and it’s distracting them from the purity and simplicity of what God is actually doing with them already.  This article and video will help us return to the ease of God’s beautiful production with us.

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