Life is to Be Lived

Life is to Be Lived

Believe It

He isn't waiting on you to prove yourself, He came to you. Did you read that right? He came to you! He saved you. You don't have to worry that the salvation He brought is so fragile that something you can do will return it void or insufficient. After all He is God!

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Hannah's Story

Hannah's Story

Teenagers, Religion and The New Covenant

This is an article that was written in 2014 which explains how my journey into this new covenant revelation began.  This is a portion of my daughter's story that was used to open my eyes. I hope that it will minister to you.

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No Easter Discount

No Easter Discount

Easter is all about life to the full—Christ’s and yours—so don’t accept a discount.

The more you know about your location in the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, the more you’ll enjoy the celebration of Easter.

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