Escaping the Captive Maker

Escaping the Captive Maker

How to Thrive in the Arguments of this World

In case you haven’t noticed, people are being driven apart by savage arguments.  While my post doesn’t solve the argument, it unmasks the author and gives you something to do about it—something you need.  Something you’ll like.

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Rescuing Temporary Lunatics

Rescuing Temporary Lunatics

Here’s How to Liberate the Sometimes Crazy People in Your Days (Including Yourself)

Frankly, we all go a little lunatic now and then.  But God has given us a way by which to recover—and to help others recover as well.  It’s not difficult, but it is a new way for those who have been made new. It fits you, and it works.

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Why Read The Bible?

Why Read The Bible?

Here’s the Encouraging and Invigorating Main Point

I’ve meant to read it.  I promised I would.  So is God mad at me for failing?  Will he cut me off from blessings and cancel my inheritance if I don’t read the Bible more?  Many of us have been taught that reading the Bible is the measure of an authentic Christian.  Find out what's really true about the Bible's place in your life.

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