Life is to Be Lived

Life is to Be Lived

Believe It

He isn't waiting on you to prove yourself, He came to you. Did you read that right? He came to you! He saved you. You don't have to worry that the salvation He brought is so fragile that something you can do will return it void or insufficient. After all He is God!

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Finding Superman

Finding Superman

Living in the Power of the New Creation

Because of confusion about what Jesus did for us and to us at the cross and resurrection, our approach to life has been twisted and tortured.  Some of us have even been induced to fight against ourselves.  If you’ve grown weary of that tortured struggle, here is the truth that reveals and makes way for the real you—the one that God made perfectly for today, tomorrow, and for eternity. 

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The Power & Pain of Authenticity

The Power & Pain of Authenticity

What Being Yourself Is Really All About

Take a quick look at why our relationships often go screwy, and why, after knowing someone for quite some time, they can turn out to be far different than we thought.  They were inauthentic and you got faked out.  But there is a way forward, and you’ll love it.  Here’s how.

Thursday, September 18, 2014/Author: Ralph Harris/Number of views (5024)/Comments ()/
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The Enemy Within

The Enemy Within

Knowing Who You Are and Who You Are Not Is Vital

Have you ever thought, "I am my own worst enemy"?  If you believe it, you've been set up to make war upon yourself, and that won't go well.  Give a few minutes to find out why it's not true, as well as how to counteract the hidden saboteur, which suggests it’s so.

Monday, May 5, 2014/Author: Ralph Harris/Number of views (8045)/Comments ()/
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