Come Needy

Come Needy

Grace has only one prerequisite.

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There is a story told.  Two guys entered a temple to pray.  There was the one who fasted twice a week and tithed on all his income.  He walked the straight and narrow, checked off all the boxes in his book of rules.  Upstanding citizen, respected by the crowds: when he spoke, they listened.  Then the other one, too ashamed to even look up or come close, standing at a distance.  Thief.  Liar.  Tax collector.  Lowest of the low.

The first walked with swagger, confident, to the front of the temple, full of thanks that he wasn’t like all the other people.  “I don’t cheat, I don’t sin and I’m certainly not like that tax collector over there!”  The other guy hung his head, shrinking into the shadows. “God, be merciful, be gracious to me for I am a sinner.”  He knew he didn’t measure up.  Not good enough.  Needy.  Jesus says to the religious crowd of the day,  

“I tell you, this tax man, not the other went home made right with God."

Grace is for the needy.  Only those who know they are sick come for healing.  They come quietly, no fanfare, just to get a little closer, for just a touch of His robe, just a crumb.  The needy are desperate enough to climb trees to get a glimpse of God.  They are the ones who get to sit down with Jesus.  

Too short to see over the crowd he was,  Zacchaeus, labelled by society: reject, outcast, betrayer of his own people.  He would sell out his own mother to line his pockets.  Crowds don’t make space for a person like him to get to Jesus.  He doesn’t deserve it.  But he is frantic in his need.  

Elbows in his face, toes bruised from careless feet in the jostling crowd, he hoists himself up the nearest tree, belly crawl to the edge, just to catch a glimpse.  Raw hunger.  When Jesus walks by He picks out the one He knows needs Him most.  “Zacchaeus, come down from that tree.”  And Zacchaeus goes to eat supper with the One who will later take his place on a tree and die: despised, rejected.


Needy enough to draw water in the high noon day sun.  Hot, tired, sweaty, alone, she’s thirsty, a need this well water certainly never quenched.  Happy voices chatted here a few hours ago amidst the the splashing of water being drawn, buckets scraping, bumping, laughter echoing off the well walls.  But that was several hours ago in the cool of the day, not when she could go.  She, branded: adulterer, immoral.  Girls like her didn’t make going to the well a social event.  The averted eyes, whispers behind hands, skirts pulled out of her path in distain.  No, now it’s just her and the beating sun. 

A dusty traveler is sitting by the side of the well.  As she lets down the bucket, He talks to her, asks her for a drink, takes her by surprise.  His kind of people don’t talk to her kind.  But then He offers her water that would forever quench her thirst, a fresh, bubbling spring.  The kind of water that washes over need, quenching, healing, cleansing.  The kind that changes you, makes you run in excitement, eager to share, no longer worried about what the crowd thinks of you.   

“Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth; will you not be aware of it?  I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, rivers in the desert.”  Is 43:19

Are you shuffling along, hiding in the shadows, lonely, wanting, thirsty, in need of just one glimpse, just a touch?  Jesus is calling you to come down, to offer the only thing you have to give.  In return you will get more than you ever dreamed of.  Grace has only one prerequisite.  Come needy.  It’s all you have to bring.   


“Grace, like water, flows to the lowest part.”  ~Phillip Yancey


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Loreen May
Loreen May

Loreen May

Loreen lives in a small town on the Alberta prairies with her husband, her teenage boys (one of whom recently left home to go to college), two cats and two dogs.

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