GPS- Grace Positioning System

GPS- Grace Positioning System

Navigating The Journey

We are all on a journey and we are all in it together. All living with grace, but not all have been awakened to living from grace. Out of grace you don't travel to contentment, you live from contentment. Grace is not a destination to be arrived at, but a vehicle from which to navigate the journey we call life. 

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The God Who Is Love

The God Who Is Love

Love Releases

Truly knowing the character of our Heavenly Father allows us to walk in a sort of relaxed confidence.  It's refreshing to understand that within our earthly imprefection His loves thrives.  We aren't required to be perfect, thank God, because in His love we are perfected.

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Come Needy

Come Needy

Grace has only one prerequisite.

Grace is for the needy.  Only those who know they are sick come for healing.  They come quietly, no fanfare, just to get a little closer, for just a touch of His robe, just a crumb.  The needy are desperate enough to climb trees to get a glimpse of God.  Those are the ones who get to sit down with Jesus.  

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The True Cost of Discipleship

The True Cost of Discipleship

Are you paying the price?

Is there a cost for discipleship? Does it demand something from us? When Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote his book, The Cost of Discipleship, there was not a doubt in his mind that there was a high cost for discipleship. He was not only an evangelist but also a champion for the Jewish plight in Nazi Germany. He was on the front lines promoting the faith and trying desperately to stop Adolf Hitler’s wayward cause.

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All Who Are Thirsty

All Who Are Thirsty

Buy without money—everything’s free!

You reach deep into your pockets, turn them inside out.  Not even a penny falls to the floor.   Speakers crackle.  Attention shoppers!  Are you penniless?  Come anyway—buy and eat!  Come, buy your drinks, buy wine and milk. Buy without money—everything’s free!  

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Why I am Hyper-Grace: Answering Five Common Objections

Why I am Hyper-Grace: Answering Five Common Objections

Is Hyper-Grace “dangerous” or “imbalanced”?

In recent times, a label has surfaced regarding what some view as a “dangerous” or “imbalanced” teaching of the grace of God. “Hyper-Grace” is now a term being used to suggest that there are some folks (such as myself) who “take God’s grace too far” and in so doing either ignore or minimize other significant teachings of the Bible.

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Pogo Stick Jesus

Pogo Stick Jesus

For those who think God’s blessing is here one moment but gone the next.

It’s impossible to rest securely as a Christian if God retracts His blessing and grace like an earned benefit.  Does He motivate people in the same way one might motivate a donkey pulling a wagon—with an occasional carrot?  Read on to find out how you are part of God’s scandalous parade of those who enjoy unreasonable and outrageous grace.

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Grace Theology - Answers to Common Questions

Grace Theology - Answers to Common Questions

Jeremy White briefly address a few of the most common questions encountered in regards to the Gospel of Grace.

Grace is radical! And grace is the antidote to sin – not high-pressure rules and regulations. If you’re struggling with the typical try harder, fail, confess-your-sins-and-try-again cycle that has become all too common for many disciples, I invite you to plunge into the deep end of the pool of God’s unfathomable grace!

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The Guitar that Gently Wept

The Guitar that Gently Wept

Be thankful that God treats us better than Greg treats his guitars!

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there will no longer be any death; there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain

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