All Who Are Thirsty

All Who Are Thirsty

Buy without money—everything’s free!

Author: Loreen May/Saturday, September 13, 2014/Categories: Loreen May, Top Picks

It is our pleasure to introduce you to our newest author at Surrendered Image – Loreen May. We know that her understanding of God’s love and grace in her own life will challenge us all, and that her warm and encouraging heart will encourage yours. 

Hey there!  All who are thirsty come to the water!  Are you penniless?  Come anyway—buy and eat!  Come, buy your drinks, buy wine and milk.  Buy without money—everything’s free.   - Isaiah 55:1 - The Message (MSG)

Like the abandon of a man who’s just won the lottery, hit the jackpot, Drinks are on me today!  You are pulled in off the streets.  A glass, foamy, frothy, bubbling over is placed in your hand.  You have just stumbled into the world’s most exclusive market.  The aromas tantalize your senses, your taste buds well up.  Everywhere you turn—a kaleidoscope of touch, sights, scents, textures.   Reach out.  Put that dragon fruit to your nose.  Inhale the aroma.  Pick up that plump ripe peach, heavy with juice and soft with fuzz.  Run your fingers along rows of cucumbers cool to the touch.

Sizzling and popping of the meat turning on a spit in the booth next to you draws you close.  Spices of another world assail your senses.  Juices dripping down.  You turn your head.  The scent of fresh baked bread!  The counter just behind you is rich in tones of gold and brown.  Baskets full, amber crust.  Break it open.  Yes, the still-warm-from-the-oven sends the chill from your hands.  Puffs of steam escape the pillowy whiteness inside.  Breathe deep.

You reach deep into your pockets, turn them inside out.  Not even a penny falls to the floor.   Speakers crackle.  Attention shoppers!  Are you penniless?  Come anyway—buy and eat!  Come, buy your drinks, buy wine and milk. Buy without money—everything’s free!  

Did you hear right?  In disbelief you turn to the baker behind his counter.  Really?  He nods, Go ahead.  Touch, taste!    Reaching out tentatively, taking that first bite.  Your stomach growls.  How long has it been?   A slice of meat, plump, juicy, roasted to perfection.  And then another.  You gain momentum.  Really?  This too?  Your mouth is so full you can hardly work the words around the corners.  You fill your pockets to bursting at the seams. Soon you won’t be able to sit down.  The aching pit that was your middle has eased its grip.  Warmth spreads across your body.  Laughter bubbles to your lips.  You haven’t felt this rich in years.  Buy without money—everything is free!  You gorge yourself.  A limited time offer.

But wait...the man filling his fruit stand, he says you can come back!  That’s right!  Any day.  Any time.  Listen to me, listen well: eat only the best,  fill yourself with the finest.  You stop chewing, wipe the grease from your mouth on the back of your sleeve.  Disbelief!  You don’t deserve this!  Tears wet your cheeks leaving tracks through yesterday’s grime.  You bow your head; swallow the lump in your throat.  Time seems to slow as you look down at your feet, shuffling.  Swallow your pride.  You can come back again, welcome to!  Torn, grateful.  What do you do?  What do you say?  It’s grace, bounty from the Giver, humility in the receiver.  You don’t have to know emptiness again.  Come all you who are thirsty!

© 2014 – Loreen May


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Loreen May
Loreen May

Loreen May

Loreen lives in a small town on the Alberta prairies with her husband, her teenage boys (one of whom recently left home to go to college), two cats and two dogs.

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