A Talk About Motherhood

A Talk About Motherhood

God's Got This

Author: Wynema Clark/Tuesday, September 6, 2016/Categories: Wynema Clark

Lets Talk about Motherhood

I am a mom, I have been for twenty-one years and will continue to be.  Although my title remains the same, my duties have and will continue to change. Because I mother two people I have many stories of success and sadly many additional stories of failure. Not the failure of my kids, but my own. Because authenticity is an important quality, and since we all deal with things, I want to encourage you that you are not alone in your failures. We are perfect, righteous, holy, forgiven people walking around in flawed earth-suits with some goofy perspectives and quite frankly some dumb ideas.

Being a mom requires an immense amount of patience, order, stamina, creativity, education, humor, discipline, and openness. The truth is that according to those requirements, I am highly unqualified. Can you relate? I have tried, boy have I tried. Sometimes I think that I have handle on things and promptly I realize my weakness. For years knowing this would wear on me. I mean it’s not like I have nineteen kids or something, I have two, a boy and a girl. I have read the books and I’ve broken almost all the rules in those books. I have worked to create the proper atmosphere in our home, clean house, good food, etc.. but houses always get messy and good food doesn’t always get eaten (or taste good).

The good news in all this is that it’s ok. It’s ok not to be perfect, it’s normal to blow it on occasion, it’s expected to have a messy house sometimes. It’s fine to skip some parties, events, activities, and even prayer meetings once and a while. Jesus came to equip us for the very reason that He already knows we are occasionally a hot mess. Our imperfections qualify us for His perfection, our goofy perspectives qualify us for His life and our dumb ideas set us up for a beautiful display of grace. Rest in the fact that He is at work in every aspect of our lives, even our failures. We are redeemed, not because of our skill, but because of His blood and because of His blood we have His life and because of His life all things work together for good.

So give yourself a break, admit your weakness and accept His strength, His love, and even His humor. Cry when you need to cry, laugh when you need to laugh and love every second of the messiness of who you are as a mom. It’s the hardest job on the planet, but nothing really great comes easy, just know it’s not up to you, God’s got this.

Wynema Clark – Founder and President “New Covenant For Housewives”



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Wynema Clark
Wynema Clark

Wynema Clark

As a speaker, poet and writer I want the world to know that through the gospel of the new covenant and the grace provided in the finished work of Jesus Christ we are forever loved. In the middle of our everyday lives we can function from a position of rest in Him. God finds you highly compatible!

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